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Dental expenses can be really, really, expensive here in Australia. Almost everyone I know finds it difficult to afford their needed dental procedures. That is why dental holiday packages that promise to let you enjoy a vacation to an exotic paradise on top of getting your dental procedure for a fraction of a price are very popular nowadays. Let us discover the different dental holiday packages commonly offered in Australia, what destinations to choose from, and what considerations one must have when patronising dental tourism.


Dental holiday packages: What procedures can I have abroad?

Most dental services that need surgery would entail an exaggerated price tag in Australia. Well, dental tourism found a way to entice people to avail of their services since their dental procedure fees are half the price of what you are normally charged at home. Imagine getting dental crowns that could cost you $1200 here when you can get it at $350 dollars in Malaysia!

Whether your dental procedures are preventative, restorative, surgical, or cosmetic in nature, there are dental holiday packages that are suitable for you. What is more tempting is the fact that you are going on a journey to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!


Dental holiday packages: Where can I have them?

Even the Australian Dental Association accept the fact that because of the high costs our dental procedures have, each year, more and more people are going out of the country to get their dental procedures elsewhere but here. Here are two of the most common dental tourism hotspots most Australians go to when they need affordable dental holiday packages.



One of the more progressive countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is said to be the number go-to dental tourism destination for Australians. Warm weather all-year-round, hotel-like accommodations, spectacular sceneries, and very affordable dental treatments – admittedly, the combination of these elements sounds too tempting to say no to!

In Malaysia, the estimated cost of dental procedures is as follows:

  • Scaling/deep cleaning: $20 to $25
  • Dental fillings: $30 to $35
  • Scans (oral CT) $90 to $100
  • Root canal treatment: $280 to $300
  • Dental implants $2000 to $2500



The Land of Smiles beats the Land Down Under when it comes to providing low-cost dental services. Dental tourism agencies who advertise Thailand dental services, whether in Phuket or Bangkok, claim that their dentists are board-certified and experts in their craft. Their dental professionals have trained and studied in western countries, so their level of knowledge and skills are at par with their first-world competitors.


Here is a brief look at what dental procedures would cost you when you visit Thailand:

  • Dental consultations: $20 to $30
  • Scaling/deep cleaning: $30
  • Dental fillings: $35 to $45
  • Crowns: $560 to $600
  • Dental implants: $2000

Compare these costs to what you have been quoted at home, and one would really consider taking the red-eye and go to this exotic paradise.


Dental holiday packages: What considerations should I think about?

No matter what you decide to do, whether you get your dental procedures here or abroad, your safety should be your first and foremost priority. Here are some points you need to consider in case you want to travel and avail dental holiday packages:

Research. Arm yourself with sufficient information about the place you will go to, the doctor who will do the procedure, the procedure steps, and its complications. Ask loved ones or family members who already went on a dental holiday for some tips on how to successfully survive the journey. Use the social media platforms to get an idea about the comments of previous patients about your chosen doctor or facility., this will give you a hint on how they work and how satisfying your experience with them would be.

Budget wisely. Dental holiday packages include different components of your travel. Some only included your procedure alone, some would consist of the airfares and procedures, but not the lodgings and accommodations, while some thoroughly run down all the expenses you may need to spend from start to finish. Be mindful of these differences and compute wisely your budget, if you were indeed able to save through dental tourism or the miscellaneous fees ate up much of your ‘would-be’ savings.

Be healthy. One way of preventing high dental costs is to maintain your healthy teeth! But if you are really in need of a dental procedure, and you want to get it abroad, keep yourself healthy. Other countries are known to have diseases or viruses that you can only get there, but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, get vaccinated before going out of the country, and keep a positive outlook free of stress, then chances of getting sick (which may cause complications to your dental procedure) can be prevented.

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