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Everyone wants to have healthy-looking and pearly white teeth. However, not everyone is blessed to have that perfect smile. So, most people turn to cosmetic dentistry to improve their teeth, orthodontic dentistry to correct their teeth alignment, or general dentistry to treat their damaged teeth or simply maintain their dental health. The problem is, not everyone can afford those. But really, do you know the common dental fees Australia charge to its citizens?


Dental fees Australia: Why does it vary?

If you are actively searching for affordable dental services, you may notice the dental procedure costs are different per provider. Why? Because there are no financial standards that dental health providers should follow. You see, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) under the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) regulates the quality of care our dental professionals offer and provide. It governs the years of experience, training, and specialisation of a dental professional in order to provide high-quality dental services fully. But, their guidelines do not extend to the controlling of dental costs and fees that they should charge the patients.


Dental fees Australia: What affects it?pointcook-dentists-dental-fees

According to the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) dental fee policy, there are many variables that affect the total cost of each dental procedure. The location of the dental practice, the materials used, the procedural method, and the overhead cost. For instance, the fee for a dental filling may vary depending on which state it was performed, the type of filling used, how long the procedure took, the dental technique used, and the level of difficulty the dentist encountered while doing the procedure.


Dental fees Australia: How diverse is it?

According to the data that ADA gathered after their dental survey in 2016, the average cost of a regular dental check-up for a patient without dental health insurance is around $222. This dental checkup includes the initial consultation fee, teeth cleaning, and fluoride application. If you need to have an x-ray done, you can add an average cost of $90.  This average came from a dental cost of the three dental procedures ranging from $164 to $311. Other examples of price ranges gathered by the ADA in 2016 include:

Dental Procedure

Dental price range

Average dental cost

X-ray (per exposure)



Tooth extraction



Dental filling (depending on the tooth)

·         Front tooth

·         Back tooth





$153 (1 surface) $182 (2 surfaces)

$163 (1 surface) $202 (2 surfaces)

Dental crown







The figures mentioned above are dental procedure costs performed by general dentists alone. You can expect that the fees will be higher when a dental specialist performs your procedure.


It is essential to care for our dental health the same way we care for our overall well-being. Investing in your smile is never a crime. Let us remind ourselves that wisely choosing the best dentist to perform dental procedures to maintain our dental wellbeing is more important than whatever dental cost it would entail.

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