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It is a known fact that dental care in Australia is costly. This truth brought up the rise of preferred dental health care providers like Bupa preferred dentists. Let us learn more about this system the health insurance organised and why dental professionals are biting into it.


What is a preferred provider?

Preferred providers (e.g., Bupa preferred dentists) are practicing dental professionals who have special contracts or commitments with a health fund or insurance. Bupa preferred dentists either have their own dental clinics or are working in health fund-owned dental establishments where they perform dental procedures that have special payment arrangements.


How do Bupa preferred dentists work?

Like any other dentists, Bupa preferred dentists are licensed and board-certified dental professionals. They perform a variety of dental procedures that suit your dental issue. The only difference is that the dental cost of your treatment would rely now on the health fund’s, in this case, Bupa’s conditions.


For dentists in Australia who sees a decline in patient visits due to their expensive dental procedures, partnering up with a health fund that offers more affordable and discounted dental procedures makes sense. This partnership allows the dentists to have more patients to cater to and more referrals to expect from the health fund itself.



What are the benefits of choosing Bupa preferred dentists?

Patients can take advantage of the perks of having Bupa preferred dentists, or other insurance-preferred providers, take care of your needs.

They offer a standard pricing scheme for dental procedures. Comparing prices from private practices can be burdensome especially with the cost difference each provider has per procedure. Health funds have fixed cost details per dental procedure, so it is possible to know the price of a dental treatment even before visiting your dentist.


Dental procedures cost lower with Bupa preferred dentists. Since most health funds have their own clinics, their professional employees, like Bupa preferred dentists, have no say with regard to the pricing of the dental procedures. Health funds now can offer better negotiations about the procedure costs and deliver it to its members with additional discounts and rebates.


Things to consider with Bupa preferred dentists or any other insurance-preferred providers


Choose wisely. Choosing a health fund should not only focus on the dental procedures it covers and the benefit limits it provides. You should also check their list of dental providers and see if you know these preferred dentists and their services are accessible to you.


Research. Use the internet in searching for online reviews about a specific health fund-owned clinic or practice. Also, check the reputation of the preferred provider, like Bupa preferred dentists, and how they accommodate and treat their patients so you can choose to get their services or prefer to have your dental procedure somewhere else.


Criticise the low cost of dental procedures. Offering lower fees for dental procedures sounds tempting, right? But bear in mind that while they may offer them half the regular price, there may be a chance that they are cutting corners to compensate for the discount. Check the quality of their work from previous patients; you can also inquire and check out their establishments. These steps may help you in finding out if their services would fit your dental needs safely and accurately.

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